Who Are We? 

Founder of Intrepidus Strength & Conditioning, Kellie Socratous, is a Mum of 3 who has helped hundreds of women to achieve their goals.  She has combined her years of experience as a trainer, athlete and mum to create Intrepidus Strength & Conditioning – Perth’s premier Women's only Strength Training facility located in Maylands, Western Australia.

Here at Intrepidus Strength & Conditioning we specialise in training women to become the strongest version of themselves – IN and OUT of the gym.  We welcome all ages, shapes and sizes from complete newbies all the way to experienced athletes. Our mission is to help YOU to discover a love of exercise and a lifelong appreciation of your body and what it is capable of.   STRONGER FOR LIFE!

We encourage all of our members to live by the definition and motto of Intrepidus – BE FEARLESS!!  Be fearless in the pursuit of your goals.  Not only your goals of physical strength but also emotional and mental strength.  We want you to feel inspired to conquer your world and achieve your personal goals in and out of the gym. 


Here at Intrepidus Strength & Conditioning while we can provide you with the tools to change your physique this is not the primary focus.  

We want to help you to feel better, move better, be stronger and to have your body do things your never thought possible...at any age. 

Focusing on performance leads you to feel strong, confident and motivated to train.

Everyday women doing extraordinary things!


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Intrepidus Strength & Conditioning is more than just a gym.  Training at Intrepidus gives you a sense of being, a feeling of community and you become a part of a positive support network. 

We have a diverse range of clients who have a common goal to be the best version of themselves.

You will have a community of coaches and other women to support and encourage you to achieve your goals. This sort of support is priceless.

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Here at Intrepidus we believe every woman should strength train and it is never too late to start.  We believe strength training is the key to self development (in and out of the gym) and long term health. 

It leads to feeling stronger, more confident and empowered in all situations. 

Our mission is to bring these feelings to you and help to you discover a training style and environment that encourages you to exercise because your love your body...and not because you hate it!

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